The charity Cancer Research are looking looking to produce a TV commercial for Cancer Research UK entitled 'Battlescars' and are seeking after school and Saturday activity clubs in and around Luton on 13th/14th March where children aged 5-7 do activities like trampolining, gymnastics & skateboarding.

The idea behind the commercial is that it's documentary and we'll be interviewing a little boy in Luton that has gone through multiple operations. They are planning to go to activity groups have little conversations with the children asking them about any little bumps, scars or where they're tripped and bashed their knee, or got a splinter for instance which will be the lead up to the interview with the little boy who has survived cancer.

We are informed that the director, Chris Palmer is very good with working children and we would be mindful of not being too disruptive to your activity groups.

If you would like your child to take part, please ask reception for a release and declaration form as these must be completed and returned to the gym before this Thursday (12th March 2015).

We hope that you agree this is something the club should support and we thank you for considering letting your child take part. Clearly there is no guarantee any particular clip will be used in the final edit