Many people have heard about gift aid. If you have ever sponsored someone, been to a charity shop to donate unwanted items or watched Comic Relief. It has been around to benefit charities for years.

As a direct result of your cooperation by completing the Gift Aid Declaration forms (either upon joining the club or during the annual renewal process last year) SALTO has been able to complete many years of negotiations with HMRC to secure gift aid on a small part of the payments you make to the club each year.

HMRC have agreed that currently the first £65 of all payments received from eligible people shall be treated as a donation to SALTO for GiftAid purposes. This is in fact only a fraction of the real direct cost of delivering all that SALTO does for the community in Luton, but it is a start.

As you should all be aware SALTO is a Charity and operates on a not-for-profit basis. All income from whatever source is reinvested in services, apparatus, maintenance, mortgage payments and of course the coaches and staff that are essential to the running of SALTO.

The table below shows the payments received this year from HMRC Charities and the years which the member payments were received:


















£1917.50 *










When the last small claim is settled, SALTO will have received over £31,500.

This is vital funding that has not cost you the members a penny.  This is not the end of the story as the club can benefit from this for as long as the GiftAid rules allow.

To can also see that it is never too late to become part of the programme. We were able to reach back to 2013 and still managed to claim over £2300 related to member payments in that year. We can only go back 4 years. We would like to be able to report next year we have claimed over £10,000 for 2018.

As you will be aware, we now have over 1000 members. We have over 600 of you that have made a GiftAid decaration but there may be a few more among you.

To those who have completed a form, thank you again. You need do nothing UNLESS your circumstances change and you become a non-tax payer.

To those who have not made a declaration, some of you will not be eligible but the benefits will accrue to all members. However, some may not have completed the declaration because you do not understand what the implications are for you and may be nervous of anything related to tax. The simple truth is that there is nothing sinister about this and only more good will come to the club and your children by completing the form. If you have any further doubts, please come and speak with me and I will try to dispel any myths or concerns. We now know for certain there is real benefit for the club and its members.

One real benefit to everyone is that we shall postpone any further increase in membership fees or subscriptions until the autumn, at the earliest.  We will be reviewing this in the next few months considering some major investments that are required to maintain SALTO’s facilities as the best in Luton and how these will be financed.

In the meantime

Carl Richardson

Trustee and Director of Operations