In October 2020, the SALTO Gymnastics Club members voted to support the Trustees' recommendation that we simplify SALTO's legal structure. 

Since then, the board has worked with our legal advisors and produced a Transfer Agreement to dissolve the charity known as SALTO Gymnastics Club and transfer its assets, liabilities and activities to our other charity, The SALTO Foundation Limited.  

The Charity Commission made an Order on 22 December 2020, to instruct the board to pass the necessary resolutions to take the steps described in the Transfer Agreement. The change has taken place with effect from 31 December 2020.

What does this mean for you as members?

In short, SALTO Gymnastics Club and its activities will continue as before. The change is limited to the legal structure and management of the Club. There will be a couple of formalities that we will aim to manage through the LoveAdmin membership database system. You will not need to change any payment arrangements. If applicable, you will be required to make new GiftAid declarations for the qualifying payments to The SALTO Foundation Limited.

All our Management, Coaches and Administrative Staff will be employed by The SALTO Foundation Limited in future.

We are extremely proud and grateful for all their hard work during 2020, to ensure we came through all the challenges COVID-19 presented. Although we start 2021 under Tier 4 restrictions and unable to reopen the SALTO Centre, we know our team will rally around and try to keep all the members engaged, as best we can, until the restrictions are relaxed.

We wish to thank you for all your support last year and assure you will will come back better and stronger 2021, starting with our new ventilation system to improve our COVID-19 Secure arrangements at the SALTO Centre.

For and behalf of The SALTO Foundation Limited.

Carl Richardson

Trustee and Chief Operating Officer