Where we are today

The SALTO Centre is home to Salto Gymnastics Club. It is a fantastic gymnastics and leisure facility that is host to a range of activities for all ages and abilities and is open 7 days Read more

How did we get here

SALTO was born in 1995 when we also established the UK Registered Charity and was officially launched the name SALTO (Stopsley and Luton Town Olympic) Gymnastics Club, with 'SALTO also being a gymnastic term for 'somersault', was chosen. Stopsley Gym Club (SGC) and Luton Gym Club (LGC) - not to be confused with the current Luton Gymnastics Club. Both of those clubs formed in the early 70's, training at Stopsley High School and Luton Youth Club respectively. Read more

Bringing the Vision into Reality

We were determined to achieve our aim to have a purpose built facility and the hunt was on for a site. In the meantime our fund raising began in earnest. In a bold step the Board of Trustees made a monumental decision to borrow almost £1 million to buy and convert the huge warehouse and in November 2004 we eventually moved to the SALTO Centre. This was a warehouse devoid of any internal structure, apart from an office and one toilet. Read more