Badge Weeks 

Following our new programme badge weeks will be the sixth week of the colour cycle!  


11th February 2019 

25th March 2019

30th April 2019

17th June 2019 

29th July 2019 

09th September 2019 

21st October  

02nd December 2019


What are badges?

Core proficiency- these badges work from 8-1 and are designed to develop fundamental skills such as; cardio, strength, balancing, flexibility, jumping and skills, these are all important in a child’s development in gymnastics.

Advanced badges- once your child has completed badge 1, they will then progress to advanced badges. These are broken down into categories.

  • Bronze: Floor, Vault, Apparatus and Fitness
  • Silver: Floor, Vault, Apparatus and Fitness
  • Gold: Floor, Vault, Apparatus and Fitness


How do they pass?

Each badge has 10 skills- gymnasts must pass 8/10 of these skills in order to receive their badge. However, some badges have compulsory skills that they are required to pass before moving on as these are important skills needed for the next badge.

Please be aware that the badges get progressively harder, this may result in certain badges taking longer to pass than others, gymnasts are not guaranteed to receive a badge on every badge week! However, they will receive a sticker for taking part.

What do they receive when they pass?

Your child will receive a well-done slip after their class, this can be taken to the desk and you can order the badge.

Badges cost £3, gymnasts will receive a badge and a certificate. Orders may take 1-2 weeks subject to badges we have in stock.  


If you have any questions regarding your child’s badges, please speak to Laura (Head of recreation) or email her directly at: [email protected]