SALTO has a range of Gymnastics clothing available. We are very conscious of the cost to parents and so we have negotiated the lowest possible price from the manufacturer. We also do not change the style every year to also help spread the cost (but we cant stop the gymnasts growing!).

If gymnasts are competing for SALTO, they will be required to compete in the current club kit. In some cases, it may be necessary to also have a second kit but the Gymnast's coach will advise if this will be necessary.

The club leotard is made by A Star Leotards who regularly update their range of leotards suitable for training. Please note that although the club leotard is made by A Star Leotards, all club leotards must be ordered via the order form at the bottom of the page.  


Our new Recreation Leotard is also made by A Star Leotards, its high quality and comfortable and  available to order from reception


These make ideal Christmas and Birthday presents too.

We have now added Club Scrunchies to the range to coordinate the look!