The coaches and staff always strive to ensure our gymnasts enjoy their training sessions whilst doing their best to reach their full potential in whatever they do.

Here are just a few of the most recent comments from families.

We welcome feedback so we can ensure that these standard are maintained for the benefit of all members.

I just wanted to thank you for finding places for both A and PJ in your gymnastics classes. 

Since the children have started in October, I have seen a huge development in their personalities. A came to Salto a very shy girl who didn’t want to get involved even in the warm up activities without an adult holding her hand and now she flies in and lines up with the rest of her class and can’t wait for it to begin.

She joins in from the start and enjoys every minute of her class. I feel the class has really helped her social and interaction skills and she is now able to join in at parties and group gatherings, which she never did before without help from me. PJ has always had a bubbly and firey personality and I was apprehensive about him starting, as I did not know if he would join in or possible even disrupt the class. He has loved his classes since the start and has started to listen to the instructions he is given. 

His nursery approached me last week and said they see a noticeable improvement in his daily behaviour and this I firmly believe is down to his classes in Salto. They said he is able to follow instructions much better and he is becoming calmer, listening more attentively to the adults. I have salto to thank for that! 

I have told all my friends about the huge impact your classes have had on both of my children and will gladly advocate how great your club is to anyone to asks. One of my friends has enrolled her daughter in your club and I know of two more that are on your waiting lists, I’m sure they will all see how beneficial the classes are to their children’s well-being and social development. 

Once again many thanks for finding places for my children. 

Kind Regards 



Nov 2017

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