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Womens Artistic County Grades

On Sunday 19th of March the WAG department took part in the Beds County Grades competition held at SALTO.The 18 gymnasts that took part all passed their grades, with one gymnast Tayler going through to regional finals at Pipers Vale on Sunday 14th of May.

We had 3 gymnasts taking part in their first ever Grades competition in Club Grade 6 from the Development group; Harper, Elysia and Abbey, and they did very well to stand out among some very good performances in a group of 15 gymnasts. Millie from Foundation came 2nd and Layla came 3rd.

In the Club 5 aged 9 category, Aaliyah-Louise came 3rd, Brooke 2nd and Lilia 1st. All of the SALTO gymnasts in this category showed much cleaner routines compared to last year.

WAG Department Warm Up

In the Regional 4 category, Tayler came 2nd despite a shaky beam routine, showing good signs of progress for future competitions. Freya did not have as good a day as hoped, but still managed to control her nerves and achieve some tricky skills off the back of an ankle injury which hampered progress.

The national gymnasts Anakela (National 3) and Lara (National 2) did very well overall to qualify for their regional qualifiers on Saturday 2nd of April. They both showed excellent skills, and now need to focus on cementing all their skills in order to hopefully progress onto National finals.