The AGM was held on Monday 15 January 2018 at 7.15 pm

The meeting will take place in the Andy Downing Suite, Fitness Room and will present the Annual Report and Accounts for SALTO Gymnastics Club, UK Registered Charity covering the period up to 31 December 2016. Copies of the report may be downloaded from the Charity Commission website by following the link regarding Charity Information on the SALTO Gymnastics Club website. A few copies will be available upon request from reception.

Agenda for AGM

  1. Welcome to All Present
  2. Approval of Previous AGM minutes
  3. Adoption of Amendments to the 2015 Constitution (subject to approval of the Charity Commission)
  4. Presentation of the Financial Report and Accounts for the financial year 2016
  5. Appointment of Officers
  6. A.O.B.
  7. Close

With regard to item 3 on the agenda, the main change to the Club / Charity Constitution is as follows

"The objects of the Charity shall be:-

To improve the health and wellbeing, thereby reducing health inequalities, of people in Luton and the surrounding towns and rural villages, especially children and young people, under-represented groups and those with physical or learning disabilities, through the provision of gymnastic sports and other activities.

To develop children and young people emotionally, physiologically and technically, through recreational and competitive gymnastics, our leadership and coaching programmes promoting self-esteem, employability and equality leading to improved social cohesion."

This change is to reflect the current language that describes alll that SALTO aims to deliver in a form that will resinate with and align more with the charitable objects of external funding organisations.

If any member wishes to raise any other matter for discussion, this may be done after the formal agenda has been covered if time permits.

Miuntes of the meeting will be published shortly and will be available here and on the Club Notices Board in Reception

Carl Richardson
Director of Operations