Most people are aware that Gift Aid is a way to boost donations to charities and this is funded by Government. Until now, we have had massive resistance from HMRC Charities regarding the eligibility for Gift Aid of certain payments by you as parents to SALTO. Following a meeting with a team from the Business School, DeMontford  University, Leicester, we can now secure Gift Aid on certain payments.

The starting point is we need a declaration form to be completed and signed by the person at home who is a UK Taxpayer. If there is nobody at home that qualifies, it is important for us to have this form returned but with the DOES NOT QUALIFY box ticked. All new members will be receiving the form as part of their joining pack. Existing memebrs are being contacted separately to ask for the forms to be completed and returned.

The gift aid rules will allow us to claim back gift aid for up to four years (initially) so whether your child is a new member or you have been members for 4 years or more this will have a massive benefit to the club now and place us on a great financial footing going forward to do many things including keeping fees as low as possible. We will only know what the benefit will be once we collect all the forms and can present the initial claim to HMRC Charities.