The final phase of our Inspired Facilities project has been our investment in the Retractable Seating system added to our viewing gallery and the addition of two moblile seating units to be used at events to provide greater visibility and a much improved spectator experience.

The advantage of the retractable system means that SALTO retains the ability to change the configuration making the viewing gallery multi-functional.  Parents that stay during their childrens' classes will have an improved view of the gymnasts and their training. SALTO is one of the few clubs that facilitates and encourages parents to see how their children develop as gymnasts. We hope that this will make this time and experience more special than ever before.

When fully retracted, the space can be used for hosting our fantastic birthday parties.  We have the option to mix our floor based seating with the tiered seating as well. We will experiment with the mix of seating set up over the next few weeks based on the number and range of classes on different days.  We welcome your feedback.

Our first test of the new seating configuration of competitions and events will take place this weekend. We hope they will also have an improved experience. Below is the seating filled with the audience at the Bedfordshire County General Gymnastics Competition hosted at SALTO two days after the installation.