Pre-school Gymnastics is the grass roots of gymnastics. It is the BEST place to lay the foundation for your child’s physical development in a fun, exciting and safe environment. Pre-school focuses on enhancing your child’s gross motor skills and introduces the first exciting stages of gymnastics. The classes are non-competitive and are aimed at children aged 3-5.

By regularly attending their class children will enhance their balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina by using our specialised pre-school designed equipment and aids. Your child will be introduced at an entry level to all of the apparatus that they will go onto use in more depth as a more experienced gymnast. Whilst in pre-school gymnastics your child will partake in the British Gymnastics badge scheme appropriate to their age this directly prepares them for general or recreational gymnastics. By the age of 5 your child will know how the gym works and emulate the older gymnasts and have the confidence to progress to recreational gymnastics or a Gymnastics squad!

Our pre-school program offers structured classes where your child will join in independently of you with our specialist pre-school qualified coaches, who are in turn supported by our young leaders. We have a strong and committed group of enthusiastic coaches determined to help these little ones reach their full potential.  

You will see from our viewing area week on week your child growing in their gymnastic competence and confidence. Many parents notice a positive change in their child’s social, emotional awareness, leadership, lingual and concentration skills. Classes are split into two age bands;

Mini gym:  classes for age 3-4

I Can Do:  classes for age 4-5.

New for 2021 is our Tumble Time class. This is a structured class but the Parent or Carer will accompany their child and support them during the session. This is a step up from the very popular free play sessions at our PlayGym but provides some added focus. The emphasis is still on fun whilst enhancing those vital agility, balance and coordination skills. Tumble Time is a great preparation for our structured Pre-school classes. Like PlayGym during the current restrictions, these sessions must be pre-booked. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

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