The aim of the Recreational Gymnastics sessions is to produce quality gymnastics that any child irrespective of ability can enjoy. We have classes for boys and girls. A typical class will include vault, bars, beam, floor skills, tumble and trampette. During each class the emphasis will be on developing gymnastic skills at a rate suitable to the individual child, whilst having fun in a safe & friendly environment.

Recreational gymnastics are non competitive classes available in General Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline. General gymnastics classes consist of warm up, floor skills, use of bars, beam and vault, and a cool down. Tumbling and Trampoline classes focus on the specific skills of these disciplines when these classes are available.

The participant level age ranging from 5-11+. Click here to register interest in becoming a member

The children work towards the British Gymnastics proficiency badges, Starting at Badge 8 working through the skill levels to reach Badge 1.

Recreational gymnasts also have the chance to participate in the annual Club Championships usually held before the school summer holidays and in the annual Christmas Show and Club Awards event towards the end of the year.

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