On the 12th-14th July SALTO Gymnastic Club competed in the prestigious Turin Acrobatic Cup in Italy!


SALTO sent a trio and a pair out to the competition, with the trio being made up by Lauren, Shannon and Aisha with the pair combination Justine and Ayla. Justine and Ayla were going out to compete at Youth level and Lauren, Shannon and Aisha were in the FIG Age groups, 12-18.

All five of our gymnasts have had fantastic 2018-2019 UK Competition season, all making up part of The Eastern Region Acrobatic Team in National Competitions.


The competition kicked off with the Trio competing their dynamic routine, a fantastic start placing them in 4th by less than half a mark.


Qualifications continued on the Saturday with the Pair competing in the morning, they were in a large group of 27 other pairs and managed to beat 20 of them to qualify for finals in 7th place.


Next up the Trio with their second routine, this time balance – a stunning performance with the 3rd highest score of the competition, meaning they too would join the Pair in the finals!



Finals day, and the five girls didn’t disappoint. Two stunning routines, The Pair beating their qualification score and bringing themselves up to a very close 4th place and The Trio performing their third routine, combined, finished the competition and ending also in a very impressive 4th place.



It was a tremendous effort for the five girls to put the club on an international stage for the first time. All their hard work over the last year paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of the gymnasts. They are an inspiration to younger Gymnasts at the Club.


The Girls and their Coach would like to thank the whole club for supporting them throughout their journey and Luton Sports Network for the £100 grant for each gymnast to contribute to the competition costs.