Regrettably, such is the popularity of Gymnastics, generally and SALTO, in particular, that there are waiting lists for most disciplines to join as new members, These are constantly monitored and as spaces become available or new classes are added, we contact all those waiting in strict order based on the time waiting and any specific requirements set out when first registering on the list. 

If your circumstances change, we encourage you to email us so that the records may be updated.

Please email: [email protected]

We do understand how frustrating it is to have to wait for a place and we do all in our power to keep the waiting time to a minimum. We will try to update this schedule every 3 months but these are purely indicative and the situation changes daily.

Class Type

Age Group

Waiting List (Months)


Pre School 3-4 3
Pre School 4-5 3
Recreational Boys 5-7 3
Recreational Girls 5-7 3
Recreational Boys 7-10 3
Recreational Girls 7-10 3
Recreational Boys 10+ 3
Recreational Girls 10+ 3
Tumbling 3
Trampoline 5+

Squad Classes generally do not have waiting lists Selection to join any of our competitive squads is by way of coach recommendation and a trial or by open trials run from time to time. An invitation to join the squad will be issued subsequently or feedback if not selected for that particular squad.