Entry into Mens Artistic Gymnastic Squad is by invitation only

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics  (MAG) –  Try being the master of six pieces of apparatus, each different to the other and requiring a combination of strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination.

Boys from the pre-school and general gym classes and those identified at our Trial Days who show the necessary potential will be invited to join our Development Squad. 

Boys in these classes are prepared over a 2-3 year period for competitive gymnastics. All artistic squads take part in British Club Grades and National Club Grades Competitions throughout the year. 

Salto currently run a boys development program which potentially leads into either a GG or MAG squad.  Salto MAG 'squad' gymnasts train up to twelve hours per week depending upon their age and ability.  In addition to work on 6 pieces of apparatus detailed below, it is necessary for the gymnasts to undertake strength conditioning and flexibility training.

British Gymnastics has a huge number of role models now evidenced by the Great Britain team that competed in the 2012 London and more recently 2016 Rio Olympic Games. SALTO has its own growing crop of successful gymnasts too, seeking to emulate the successes of the elite.

With loads of physical activity, balanced with fun and excitement to test the craziest of thrill seeker, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics has something to keep every lad challenged:-

Floor Exercise (FX)

The 12 X12 meter sprung floor area allows the gymnast to reach incredible heights following a series of explosive and power acrobatic and tumbling skills.

Horse (PH)

Standing 1.15 meters from the floor the pommel horse is one of the hardest pieces of men’s apparatus to master. It is unforgiving and has been known to buck many a gymnast. The pommel horse is a piece of apparatus not for the feint-hearted.

Rings (RG)

To master the rings a gymnast needs strength, balance and body tension. Suspended 2.80 meters from the floor, there is little room for error.

Vault (VT)

Imagine charging 25 meters towards a 1.35 meter vaulting table, springing from the top and landing within a set of parallel lines on the other side. This is the task facing the gymnast wishing to master the vault. The combination of a fast run and approach to the springboard, quick transition to the vaulting table and explosive take-off should see the gymnast catapult themselves in preparation for a controlled landing.

Parallel Bars (PB)

The Parallel Bars stand 2.00 meters from floor and ‘give’ under the gymnast’s weight to provide for some crazy combinations of skills seen both above and below the bars.

Like the rings, the parallel bars require a combination of swinging movements with strength or hold elements.

Horizontal (High) Bar (HB)

Perhaps the most spectacular of the men’s apparatus, the horizontal bar stands 2.80 meters from floor and sees the gymnast turn multiple swinging circles, daring release and catch elements and tightly wound up dismounts.  Gymnasts perform continuous clean swinging movements and must not touch the bar with their body.