Here at SALTO we have a large team of Coaches, Administration and Management. 


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Director of Operations - Laura Baird

Laura has been involved with the club since 2017 in various different positions from Coaching Rec, Women's and Tumble to Administration. Laura is now in charge of the day to day operations at SALTO alongside managing the administration team. 

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This is a list of our current group of dedicated and enthusiastic coaches. Some may have qualifications in several gymnastics disciplines and others may be specialised in one area of interest or they may be at the start of their coaching career and be members of our Young Leaders Programme

The Club is committed to the continuous professional development of its coaching team. It provides funding for appropriate coach qualification courses and provides mentoring from more senior coaches to ensure coaches meet the required standards to gain their next coaching qualification.

All Coaches have the relevant DBS and Child Safeguarding in place to comply with British Gymnastics requirements.

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Level 2 and Above 

Kimberly May  HOD ACRO L3 Acro, L1 MAG and L1 WAG
Nadine Scarlett Recreational Co-Ordinator L2 WAG, L1 MAG, Club Judge WAG
Claire Adam  HOD TRA L2 Trampoline 
Jean Large  HPC Acro, Acro Judge and Regional Tumble Judge 
Laura Baird  L2 WAG, L1 MAG, L1 TUM, Club Judge WAG, Club Judge TUM 
Amanda Chadwick L2 WAG, L2 MAG, Club Judge WAG 
Jade Meloy L2 WAG
Sarah Watson  L2 Acro, Ballet Coach 
Artemis Sarhanis  L2 Acro  
Claire Hill L2 Acro  
Sarah Liscio  L2 Acro , Welfare Officer 
Bethany Eames  L2 WAG
Viv Tate L2 GG, L1 Pre-School, Disability Add on Module 
Katie Richardson L2 GG, L1 WAG, L1 Pre-School
Sophie Padua  L2 WAG 
Mia Meloy  L2 WAG

Level 1’s

Brooke McArthur  L1 WAG 
Ruby Nolan L1 WAG
Aisha Caruana  L1 GG 
Nathalie Hardy  L1 Trampoline
Maddison McArthur  L1 WAG 
Kayla Perry  L1 WAG
Vida Forghani Ashrafi (Cover) L1 GG 
Joanna Trela Gymnastics Activity Instructor
Karen Anderson  L1 GG
Emi Adebayo Gymnastics Activity Instructor 
Cristina Herman  Assistant  

Young Leaders/Assistants/Instructors 

Ella Ceeley  CPC 
Gracie Coomber Assistant 
Hollie Chadwick Assistant 
Sophia Neal CPC
Cassie Njunga  Assistant  
Maddi Thompson-Boyle  Assistant  
Trevon Jerman Raymond  Assistant  
Maddi Dominy Lewis  Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Lauren Brooks  Assistant + Acro Club and Regional Judge 
Lara Harker  Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Enais Edgehill  Gymnastics Helper Qualification 
Paige Braham  Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Millie Gurney  Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Alessia Diani Glover Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Leiyah Duncan Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Maddison Palmer  Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Lauren Fildes Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Devan O Donell Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Isabella Baker Young Leader
Isabelle Jackson Young Leader
Kacey Adams Gymnastics Helper Qualification
Olivia Brailsford
Elaine Lorrigan 
Rachel Mitchell
Cathy Tiller 
Angela Vaughn
Ray Powell (Chairman) 
Mike D'arcy 
Laura Baird 
Eric Phillips 
Ganesha Balliah 
Nicolette Ford
Pauline Young 

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