Please see below a list of our current and active policies and procedures, if you click on the link it will open up a PDF with the full document and information.

Club Policies 

  • Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians 
  • Code of Conduct for Gymnasts 
  • Code of Conduct for Coaches/Volunteers/Assistants/Young Leaders
  • Code of Conduct for Administration Staff 
  • Abuse of Staff or Visitors Policy 
  • Club Behaviour Policy
  • Complaints Policy 
  • Photography Policy 
  • Late Collection of Children 
  • Drop off and Collection of Children
  • Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Equal Opportunities Policy 
  • Reporting Concerns 

British Gymnastics Adopted Policies 

  • Standards of Conduct for Registered Clubs 
  • Standards of Conduct for Coaches and Officials 
  • Body Piercing and Jewellery Policy 
  • British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare Policy 
  • Atlanto-Axial Instability Policy 
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy 
  • Social Networking Guidelines 
  • Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Other Policies 

  • Privacy Policy 
  • Reserves Policy 
  • Home Working Policy 
  • Fee’s Policy 
  • Website Privacy Policy 
  • Sponsorship Policy 
  • Environmental Policy 
  • Conflict of Interest Policy