Important information

Parking: Parking is limited at the club. Please Park considerately to others and refrain from blocking others in. We are situated in a busy industrial estate, please do not block any driveways or gates for the other businesses these are in constant use. Traffic wardens patrol regularly around the estate even on the weekends, so please be aware of the double yellow lines situated around the estate.

Viewing: We have an open viewing gallery upstairs for you to watch you child during their session. Children within your care must not be left unsupervised at any time, staff members will ask children to sit down. Please read our code of conduct for our viewing area in our policies and procedures section. This is also placed around the viewing gallery. 

Photography and Video policy: Salto Gymnastics Club adopts a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO policy. Please DO NOT take pictures or film in club during our sessions under ANY circumstances. Staff members will approach you and ask you to refrain from filming and may ask you to delete any content you have. 

What should they wear to gymnastics classes? Gymnasts should wear sport appropriate clothing, we ask that all children wear trousers/leggings/shorts and no buttons, zips, or denim. Gymnasts MUST be barefoot when in the gym – we do not accept grip socks. 

What is the jewellery policy? No Jewellery should be worn during sessions. We have a 6 week discretionary period for newly pierced ears but the MUST be removed after 6 weeks we will not extend this period under any circumstances. Please see our policies and procedures for complete information regarding this. 

Do you close during the holidays?  No we only close for Christmas and Bank Holidays- All classes run as normal during the half term.

How much do classes cost? This is dependent on the class and the method of payment. 

Do I need to let you know if my child is not attending? – If your child is not attending class please email and we will make note of this on the register. We keep a close eye on all of our registers and do regular attendance checks. If we find your child has not been attending we may contact you to query your space. 

There are 2 annual renewals that are required for a continued membership and participation within Salto Gymnastics Club. These are British Gymnastics Membership and SALTO Annual Membership. 

British Gymnastics Membership

1st October – 30th September each year. 

British Gymnastics is the Governing body that we operate under. Each year members must pay their BG membership to enrol with us as a club and affiliate with BG. This is your child’s insurance for participating in gymnastics. As a club we will send a reminder by email a month before the renewal deadline, after this deadline we will not allow children to participate in classes if their BG Membership is not renewed. 

As a club we cannot complete this on your behalf or accept payment this must be done directly with British gymnastics. 

Follow this link for the website British Gymnastics (

New members – You must go on to the BG Website and register your child onto the BG Membership, you will then need to attach them to SALTO (please ensure that you are attaching them to SALTO in Luton as there are a few other SALTO’s within the UK) 

All members are recommended to retain their emailed receipt in case of any issues. 

Salto Annual Membership 

SALTO Membership also runs from 1st October – 30th September each year. This is to be a member at SALTO Gymnastics Club and for Regional Affiliation. This is payable via your Love Admin account. 

For any class changing queries please email we cannot guarantee that we will have another option that is suitable for you however if you contact us, we will try to find the best solution. 

Please note that we do not take any class request moves until 3 months after the start date.

If you wish to cancel your membership here at SALTO we ask for a months’ notice in writing, please email over your notice to and then you will receive further information. 

If you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin you will have to be added back onto the waiting list. We do not freeze or hold membership places due to our high demand for classes.